In certain instances, it is possible for EEGer’s games to fail to display or provide feedback to the user. Some of the most common issues are documented below.

Zukor Interactive Game Appears on Wrong Screen

This issue can happen after a Zukor Interactive game is installed for the first time on a computer. The screen that the game displays on can be adjusted in the game’s option menu.

Game Can Not Be Selected from the External Monitor

To begin a session, press the Begin Session or Replay a Session button from EEGer’s main screen. After this button is pressed, the user is prompted to select a game to use for training.

Games cannot be selected from the game list shown on the external monitor with a gray background. The purpose of this game screen appearing with a list of games is to verify that the game screen can appear during training and there are no issues with the external monitor.

Game Showing with Pink Background

Games that appear in the game selection menu with a pink background cannot be used for live sessions. These games need to be purchased separately for use in live sessions. If a purchased game is showing up with a pink background after being purchased, see this article.

Black Screen Appearing Over EEGer or the Game

This is an issue that can occur if a game fails to close properly and is most common after a session has already been run on in the same day. For information on resolving this issue, see this article.

Game Appears for a Moment Then Returns to the List of Games

This can happen if EEGer cannot find the files for the selected game, or if the game is missing files that it needs to open successfully. This can sometimes happen after Windows Updates or when updating EEGer to the latest version.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Run the Game Initialization Tool to allow EEGer to look for the game’s files, then try running a session. This may need to be repeated twice to work successfully.
  2. If the Game Initialization Tool did not resolve the issue, reinstall the game that is having problems to replace any missing files.
  3. If experiencing this issue with Ardea Games feedback displays, install these files which may be missing on the computer.

Game is Frozen with No Visual or Auditory Feedback

Some games can appear to be frozen and not provide any visual or auditory in certain circumstances.

First, observe if the EEGer wave screen is also frozen. The easiest way to tell if EEGer is also frozen is by seeing that the values on the screen are not changing, including the clock in the bottom right. Additionally, the red sweep line will remain stationary.

If both the game and EEGer are frozen, it is likely because the amplifier became unplugged or disconnected from the computer during training. This can also happen if the amplifier uses batteries that have died, or a physical power button that has been pressed by mistake. Press esc on the keyboard to exit out of the session and return to EEGer’s main screen. Identify the issue with the amplifier and attempt to run a session again, observing if the issue persists.

If only the game is frozen, it may indicate adjustments are needed to the computer’s graphics settings to display the game properly.

Boat Race is Appearing ‘Glitchy’ or Objects Are Displaying Without Color

This can happen if the game fails to properly render and indicates that the game is encountering issues with its graphic settings.

See this article for instructions on how to adjust Boat Race’s graphical settings.

Game is Not Receiving Feedback

In this situation, both the EEGer Wave Screen and the game appear to be working, but no communication is observed between the two. This is most easily observed by observing the reward counter in the bottom left of EEGer’s wave screen with the reward counter in the game.

If this is issue is encountered, exit the session and return to EEGer’s main screen. Close EEGer and reopen it, then attempt to run a session again. Ensure that rewards are being earned by adjusting the threshold values and beginning the session.

If feedback is still not received, try running a session using another game on the system, such as Highway or Island. If feedback is provided by the second game, that indicates problems with the initial game.

Lotus Pond No Statue

On some systems, certain objects in Lotus Pond can fail to be displayed. The most noticeable of these objects is the statue featured in the background. To resolve this issue, see this article.

Game is Slow or Providing Choppy Feedback

Both EEGer and its games require a lot of computer resources to process and display EEG data in real-time. Some systems may not have enough resources for both EEGer and the game to display properly. When this happens, EEGer or the game may appear to be running slowly or providing feedback that is delayed or choppy.

This may indicate adjustments are needed to the computer’s graphics settings to display the game properly alongside EEGer, or that the computer does not meet the software’s minimum requirements.

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