To make getting started with EEGer Home Use as simple as possible, we offer a variety of different options when it comes to getting the needed software and equipment. Our goal is to provide what both clinicians and their clients need to begin using the software in a way that is easy and sustainable for them. Here is a list of ways we have seen our users choose when getting started with EEGer Home Use:
Supervising Clinician Purchases Equipment + License
In this method, the supervising clinician pays for the home use software license and the neccesary equipment to run live sessions with EEGer. They can then loan/rent this system out to their home-users for the duration of the training. When the home-user has completed their training, the equipment can be returned to the supervising clinician for use with another client. This is a very popular method of home use, as clinicians can build the cost of several systems into their practice for long-time use and it ensures the software license is in their name or the name of their practice. Clinicians can build the cost of the equipment into their session/appointment rates more easily, as the client will not be seperately paying for a monthly license subscription. If the supervising clinician already owns some or all of the equipment needed, this also allows for their client to get started with EEGer at a lower cost, as the supervising clinician only needs to purchase the software license subscription or whatever equipment or supplies they're missing.


As the clinician owns the equipment, they can complete the entire purchase process on their own without the home-user being involved in the process. This ensures that the client only needs to provide their payment and shipping information to their supervising clinician, which can reduce anxiety for some clients. Once the supervising clinican receives the equipment, they can preconfigure it for the home-user and then simply give it to them in-person or ship it directly to their location. Some home-users prefer this simplicity, and it also gives clinicians who are new to EEGer home use a chance to interact with the system directly before providing assistance to their clients.

Home-User Purchases Equipment + License
Another popular option is for the equipment and license to be purchased by the home-user. This is a great option for users who are comfortable interacting with EEG Store to complete the payment and shipping process of the order, as well as users who feel technically saavy or comfortable following configuration instructions once they receive their equipment. Monthly payments for the home use license subscription would be made by the home-user, which can simplify the process for the supervising clinician as they do not need to build this cost into their session/appointment rates. Additionally, having the home-users interact with EEG Store directly for billing can simplfy the process for the supervising clinician. 


Once the home-user has completed their training, they could sell the equipment to the supervising clinician for use with other clients, to other users online, or sell select items back to EEG Store. They could also keep the equipment for use with other purposes, or if they ever plan to do training with EEGer again in the future. 

Supervising Clinician Purchases Equipment, Home-User Purchases License
A combination of the above options, this allows the supervising clinician to make the larger initial investment toward purchasing the equipment while the home-user pays the monthly license subscription. This ensures a low-barrier of entry to the home-user when getting started by deferring the initial equipment costs. Just like before, the supervising clinician can reuse the equipment with other home-users or in their own practice once training is completed with the home-user.


Similiarly, the home-user can purchase the equipment while the supervising clinician purchases the license. This simplifies the monthly payment process for the home-user, as the clinician will be making the license subscription payments in place of the home-user.

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