EEGer licenses require renewal on a regular basis to ensure that EEG Store has up-to-date contact information on file and to ensure that the software license is still in use.

What Do Renewals Look Like?

EEGer licenses are set to expire on a regular basis. The renewal process typically occurs once every year. The month that the expiration occurs is based on the Licensee name.

When an expiration is approaching, the user will see a warning message in the middle of EEGer’s main screen. This warning will start 30 days prior to the expiration.

During this countdown period, the Licensee should contact EEG Store to begin the renewal process. If possible, this request should come from an email address or phone number already on file with EEG Store for the license in question.

What is the Renewal Process?

Once the request is received, EEG Store will review the license and contact information on file. If it has been more than two years since contact information has been verified as up-to-date, the Licensee must provide updated contact and licensing information.

If any of the following information has changed, the Licensee should inform EEG Store to update the information on file:

  1. The Licensee’s legal name.
  2. The Licensee’s primary contact information (phone number and/or email address).
  3. The Licensee’s licensing information.

Once updated information is collected (if needed), EEG Store will provide a keyfile to extend the license. The process for installing this update file is simple, and instructions are provided to the user when the keyfile is sent.

To ensure that there is no interruption to the software’s performance, it is recommended to contact EEG Store to begin the renewal process as soon as an expiration warning is noticed in the software. On average the renewal process is completed within 1-2 business days of the initial renewal request.

Why Do EEGer Licenses Require Renewal?

EEGer is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device. As part of this, the software must meet certain compliance requirements from the FDA and other regulatory bodies. This includes ensuring that up-to-date information is on file for all users, and ensuring that only authorized users have access to the system.

As a distributor of the EEGer software, EEG Store is required to help collect this information to maintain compliance.

Why Is This Process Important?

  1. For EEG Store to continue providing support for the EEGer software, we must meet our compliance requirements. If this information is not collected, it has the potential of harming the software and our ability to support it.
  2. Maintaining up-to-date contact information prevents exploitation of the EEGer system. If a dongle is lost or stolen, it ensures that the Licensee can quickly report it from a trusted email or phone number. This also prevents someone from creating an email address and claiming to be the licensee, either to gain access to the license or confidential information about its owner.
  3. If a license was not set to expire regularly, an unauthorized user who gains access to an EEGer license would have indefinite access to the system in the name of the original licensee. Having the license renew on a regular basis helps to prevent this.
  4. EEG Store can only provide sales and support to verified users. Having up-to-date contact information on file will speed up this verification process and ensure that appointments can be scheduled and orders can be processed quickly.
  5. The renewal process provides a regular check-in where users can report technical issues with the software, inquire about new software updates, or see what new webinars and courses are available. Appointments can be scheduled for sales or support purposes during the renewal process.
  6. We love to hear about how people are using EEGer, and what success they are finding with their clients! The renewal process allows for users to share their experiences and request new features in the software, or provide feedback.
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