Home Use with EEGer allows clinicians to work with their clients remotely. The clinician creates a training plan from their Clinical EEGer system, then sends it to the client’s system for live training. This training can either be facilitated by the client themselves or a family member, or the clinician can remotely connect to the system and control the training in real-time.

Unlike other home-based neurofeedback solutions, Home-Users with EEGer have access to essentially the same version of the software that clinicians use. This allows for training in their own home while not sacrificing the quality of neurofeedback.

Importantly, the Supervising Clinician can place restrictions onto the Home Use system to prevent misuse. They can specify the number of sessions that are allowed to be run, as well as what type of training is allowed. The clinician can also restrict adjustments made during training, instructing the software to make these changes automatically. The system can also be unlocked by the clinician using a special password when they are connected. This allows them full control of the system while remotely connected, but ensures the system remains secure when they are not.

From the clinician’s perspective, adding Home Use with EEGer as something they offer can have great benefits. It allows for the clinician to work with clients who are far away or otherwise unable to travel for sessions. It can also be used to train with clients who have difficult schedules and allows for more clients to be seen in a day (with less strain on the clinician). Many clinicians have added Home Use to their practice in recent years, and some have even switched to an entirely home-based approach to neurofeedback.

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