Automatic Keyfile Installation

  • Keyfiles are Installed When the Software is Opened - No More Digging Through Emails
  • Simplifies Home Use - Less Files, Less Steps, Less Mental Load, Less Stress
  • Makes Moving Between Computers Easier (Good for Large Practices or Upgrading Computers)
  • Reduces Technical Support Appointment Times

Introducing the Home Use Cloud

  • Upload or Download Home Use Files Directly From Within EEGer!
  • Organize & Search Files By License With Helpful Tags
  • Manage & Delete Files From Within EEGer
  • Makes Installing Home Use Files Quicker & Easier Than Ever Before
  • Includes Clinical Override Passwords - Unlock a Home Use System to Make Changes, Then Lock it Back Down

Compatibility with UHD Displays

  • Full Compatibility with 4k Screens & Monitors
  • EEGer Now Scales Automatically, No More Adjusting Windows Settings
  • Buttons Scale to Remain Readable Even on the Largest Resolutions
  • Makes Moving Between EEGer & Other Programs Easier

Streamlined Installation Process

  • EEGer Automatically Configures Itself For Your Amplifier
  • Fully Installs Amplifier Drivers - Less Manual Configuration
  • Install Directly Over an Existing EEGer Version
  • Automatically Find and Install Your Latest Keyfile
  • No More Messing With Display Scaling or Resolution

Improved User Interface & Menus

  • Buttons Have Been Grouped More Logically, Making it Easier to Navigate Menus
  • Do More From the Plan Session Screen Than Ever Before
  • Simplified Button Language for Home Use

Amplifier Compatibility Improvements

  • Added Additional Support for the Neurobit Optima Amplifiers
  • Corrected Issues With Impedance Checking When using J&J Amplifiers
  • Corrected issues With Battery Voltage Indicators During Live & Replay Sessions
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