EEGer4 440 is a highly modified and updated branch of the EEGer neurofeedback software. It features many improvements of the older EEGer4 420 and EEGer4 430 branches.
Significant changes in EEGer4 are:
● Improved presentation of feedback displays and support for new feedback displays.
● Advanced support for double-blind studies.
● Several major user interface and quality-of-life improvements.
● Device monitoring/warnings during live sessions.
● Recording of all settings/options for each session for expanded playback and review.
● Overhaul to reviewing and planning sessions, with many new layouts and feedback modes (including some experimental options).
● Additional amplifier options including Pocket Neurobics and Neurobit devices.
A full changelog for the software can be found on the EEG Software support site by following this link
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