EEGer Neurofeedback Self Install Bundle

Self Install Bundle -- for those practitioners who are comfortable purchasing their own computer hardware and doing the installation.

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Intended for those clinicians who prefer to provide their own computer and external monitor. The EEGer Neurofeedback Self Install Bundle includes everything else you will need to conduct live neurofeedback sessions using the acclaimed EEGer4 software.

With the Self Install Bundle, you will get:

  • Clinically-licensed EEGer4 software with dongle key.
  • High-quality 2-channel EEG encoder/amplifier
  • Set of silver non-disposable electrodes (2 flats, 2 earclips)
  • Ten20 and NuPrep paste
  • Alcohol bottle
  • Assorted other supplies

A four-channel option is available.


EEGer4 Neurofeedback Software is cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device. As such, it is to be used by licensed healthcare providers who have been adequately trained. Neurofeedback has a steep learning curve. Getting a mentor is strongly encouraged.

Please note that the self-install bundle does not include the therapist laptop unit or external monitor. Installation, assembly, and configuration are your responsibility, and by purchasing the selfinstall bundle, you assume total responsibility for this process. You understand that EEG Store warrants the general functionality of items, but not for specific hardware or in unconventional configurations. For a more turn-key option, see the EEGer Computer Bundle

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