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Postcards is developed by Ardea Games and features multiple charming scenes with stylistic art styles. As the client earns rewards, appropriately themed objects appear to reward the client and complete the scene. A central object, such as a campfire, act as a fixed focal point and a gauge for the client's current performance.

Scenes Include:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Fall
  • Forest

Like all Ardea Games, for best results, Orb requires:

  • Dedicated graphics card (GPU) (Minimum 1GB memory)
  • Dual Monitor configuration (does not work in single monitor mode)
  • EEGer4 44+ (does not work on versions 431g or older)
  • Ask for details about system minimum requirements. If you are unsure, ask for a trial period.

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Additional Information

In Postcards, a user experiences the gradual development of a scene, as they meet reward criteria set by the therapist.