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Three bottles of boiling liquid are the focal point of this feedback display by Ardea Games. In an apothecary or wizard's tower, the goal is to cause the middle bottle to fill up while keeping the bottles to the sides as low as possible. Similar to other feedback displays which clients and clinicians are already familiar with, the middle bottle represents the reward trace's amplitude while the bottles to the left and right represent that of the inhibits. Additional feedback is provided by the fire animation under each beaker which increase or decrease based on the ratio between the trace’s amplitude and thresholds. For each reward, the score counter goes up and a magic star appears from the center bottle. There is also a special animation for staying in complete reward for several seconds.

Like all Ardea Games, for best results, Potions requires:

  • Dedicated graphics card (GPU) (Minimum 1GB memory)
  • Dual Monitor configuration (does not work in single monitor mode)
  • EEGer4 44+ (does not work on versions 431g or older)
  • Ask for details about system minimum requirements. If you are unsure, ask for a trial period.


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Additional Information

In Potions, you help the wiizard boil the magic liquid.