Two-Channel EEG Electrode Set (2 Flats and 2 Clips)


Alliance members receive a discount, contact store for details.

Set includes two Active/Flat Electrodes and two Reference/Clip Electrodes. Additional electrodes are available individually upon request.


All electrodes sold are 48" in length and solid silver. This ensures that cleaning is easy and reduces the damage caused by chipping or flaking (as seen on coated electrodes). This extends the lifespan of the electrodes by making care easier and allowing for any scratches to be buffed out.


Featuring thick, non-tangling leads these electrodes are perfect for use in a clinical setting or with clients working remotely with EEGer. The Two-Channel Electrode Set Includes all the electrodes needed to perform a two-channel session with linked references.

Electrodes are available in the following colors:

  • Active/Flat - Pink, Orange
  • Reference/Clip - Purple, Gray

A Two-Channel Electrode Set will include one of each color.

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