The Short Version

EEG Store is a family business. We promote neurofeedback and other empowering technologies. We're the sole U.S. distributor for the EEGer4 software. Communication and service are important to us. We care about people, our communities, and the planet. We're located in green, mossy Gainesville, Florida and on the worldwide web! We hope to talk with you soon!

The Long Version

We started EEG Store in 2013 to allow us to distribute and support the renowned EEGer4 software, in partnership with EEG Education & Research, and EEG Software. We are a family business and work every day to reconcile whatever paradox exists there. By that we mean we highlight relationships and communication, and look for opportunities to create mutually-beneficial, supportive, and sustainable ways of relating to each other and to you. We recognize that the empowerment and contributions of each individual are part of a healthy world.

Experiences in social justice movements have led us to value both long-term strategy and attention to detail, as well as prioritizing active listening, awareness of power dynamics, and a willingness to be transformed by the process. We look forward to developing new relationships, and making new friends. Get in touch! :)

Our Philosophy

We believe in supporting and promoting wellness technologies that empower the individual since healthy, self-actualized people are the basis for a flourishing society.

We are committed to the development of sustainable economies, in which all areas of the world may thrive for generations to come. As citizens of a country with an exploitative and invasive history, we act with an awareness of our privilege and responsibility. We work to make our business reflect values of fairness, acceptance, and accountability.

Recognizing that there are inherent contradictions in the work that we do, we strive to be accountable to the communities in which we live and the ones we serve (such as the neurofeedback-practitioner community). We cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, reflective listening and justice. We value the contributions of everyone, including those who came before us, and those whose work is often taken for granted.

We search diligently for ways to implement environmentally- and politically-sustainable business ideas. We experiment enthusiastically! And as we are excited about the possibilities, we are grateful for the opportunities.

In our view, the conventional distinctions between self-interest and altruism, (as between capitalism and charity, between employment and volunteerism) are not only unhelpful, but limit the natural human impulse to create community networks based on accountability, fairness, and cooperation.

We hope our work will reflect an abiding long-term pragmatism, and our belief that economic relationships founded on respect, honest communication, and justice are both sustainable and rewarding.