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Grind from Zukor Interactive is a highly customizable skateboarding game that can be tailored for each client's specific needs, or for each clinician's preferred training techniques.

Grind is a great choice for younger clients or any client who's young-at-heart!


Grind has three primary gameplay actions: altering the character's speed, performing skateboarding tricks, and increasing the character's overall score. These actions can be driven by 1-3 events.

In addition to the three primary gameplay actions, the clinician can choose from up to 12 secondary gameplay actions. These secondary actions can be customized with 16 visual effects, such as bubbles or flames coming out of the skateboard, a colored spotlight on the skater, etc. Each of these secondary actions can be defined as either discrete or proportional by the clinician.

The clinician can choose to enable or disable the character progression mode in which clients unlock new characters by reaching score benchmarks. This mode creates an added incentive for the client to unlock new features as they progress.

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Additional Information

This game requires an external monitor to play. Please make sure your system provides adequate graphics/video processing ability to power it. Questions? Contact us.